How To Find What Other Channels Your Audience Watches

There’s a popular and insightful analytic that shows creators like you what other channels your audience is watching. Not only is it super interesting to see, but that data should also inform your content strategy.

Here’s how to find what other channels your audience watches and what you should do with that information.

Navigate to the “Audience” tab in your Channel Analytics.

First, go to YouTube Studio. Then, click on “Analytics” from the left sidebar. Next, select the “Audience” tab. You should see a chart with data about your number of unique viewers.

Below the chart, look to the right. You’ll see a box labelled “other channels your audience watches.” Every channel that’s listed there has been pulled from YouTube’s data about what your viewers do on the platform when they’re not watching your videos.

Study these channels for similar patterns or content strategies.

There are reasons so many of your viewers enjoy these other channels, and discovering those reasons can be a huge benefit to you. So, you should study what these other creators are doing. Start by watching their most recent videos. Make note of any similarities you notice in regards to theme, concept, or niche. What kinds of videos are they making? What kinds of trends are they following?

Then, get into more specific details. Look at their upload schedules, video lengths, and channel art. Pull up their most popular videos and see what they have in common. What aesthetic do their channels have? What kind of energy do they give off on camera? Brainstorm ways to apply any similarities you find to your own channel.

Reach out to those creators about collabs.

Finally, you shouldn’t think of these other creators as your competition. Instead, you should view them as possible collaborators. Reach out to them and ask if they’d be interested in doing a video with you. You can even appeal to them by sharing the data about your similar viewerships.

Before you ask them to collab on a video, however, you may consider building some level of rapport first. Follow them on social media if you don’t already. Like and comment on their posts. After a while, DM them to start a conversation, and let your friendship grow from there.

Studying the other channels your audience watches can teach you new ways to make your content appeal to your viewers. Think of these creators as your collaborators rather than your competitors, and work together so you can grow together.

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