5 Ways To Make A Lot Of Money When You Don’t Have A Lot Of Subscribers

If your channel hasn’t yet reached the subscriber count it needs to be monetized, you may be worried about how you’re going to make money as a content creator. There are many ways you can earn your income beyond monetizing your videos, and they can be quite lucrative.

Here are five ways to make a lot of money when you don’t have a lot of subscribers.

1. Put affiliate links in your video descriptions.

You probably have a lot of people in your comments asking where you got the camera you use, the clothes you’re wearing, etc. You probably also have a lot of favorite products you love to recommend. You can turn those recommendations into a stream of incoming by using affiliate links.

With an affiliate link, you earn a small commission every time someone makes a purchase through your link. You can email the companies behind your favorite products and the filming equipment you use and ask if they have affiliate programs. You should also ask about affiliate links anytime you do a sponsored video.

2. Do sponsored posts on other platforms.

Sponsored content is, of course, a key stream of income for many content creators. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to YouTube. Sponsored Instagram posts and story posts can bring in a lot of money as well, and they’re quicker to film than full-length videos.

Before you start creating sponsored content, be sure to establish your rates. Have different rates for different kinds of content. You should also be specific about the parameters of what each kind of sponsorship entails.

3. Create an online course sharing your expertise.

Many influencers create online courses to share their expertise with others. They create guidebooks, slides, videos, worksheets, templates, and other content to supplement the course. Then, they can either make it available for a limited time only or keep it live on their sites.

Depending on the expertise you have to share, there is a lot of earning potential with an online course. For example, you might design a course on photo editing, video editing, or getting started on YouTube. You might also create a course related to your content niche, such as a thirty-day vegan meal planning course.

4. Work as a freelance video editor.

Editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of making YouTube videos. The more footage you shoot, the more tedious it becomes. You’ve probably wished you had someone else to help you edit, and odds are that other creators you know have wished for the same thing.

Reach out to other YouTubers in your network and offer to help them edit their videos. You can charge based on your experience and the software you use. For example, you can charge more as a proficient Final Cut Pro editor than as a beginner iMovie editor.

Video editing isn’t the only kind of freelance you can do. Play to your own strengths. Are you especially good at writing video titles for SEO? Do you make really engaging thumbnails? Can you edit Instagram pictures beautifully? Consider where your talents could benefit other influencers and pitch your freelancing services to them.

5. Sell clothes and other products from videos you no longer use.

These days, plenty of people, including influencers and celebrities, are selling the clothes they no longer need or want online. Apps such as Depop and Poshmark are popular platforms, especially if you have designer or vintage foods to sell. You can even share your listings with your fans on social media.

You can even sell other products from videos that you don’t anymore. For example, if you purchased a subscription box for an unboxing video, you could sell the items you didn’t like. You could also sell old decor from your video background, products you bought for review videos, and DIYs you made but have no room to store.

As a content creator, you don’t need to have a ton of subscribers to start building your income. Utilize these strategies to generate more revenue to fund your content creation.

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