How To Earn Your VidCon Creator Certificate

Every July, content creators from all across the globe gather in Anaheim, California, to attend VidCon. For the past ten years, this convention has provided YouTubers with the opportunity to connect not only with their fans, but also with each other in real life.

Starting in 2019, VidCon is adding a certification program to its creator track. Now, along with attending panels, workshops, and exclusive networking events, any creator with a ticket can earn a certificate to legitimize their VidCon education.

You can choose from three different categories.

VidCon designed three different categories for creators to become certified in. If you’re attending VidCon on the Creator or Industry Track, then you’re eligible to earn your certificate in either Production Skills, Audience Development, or Career Essentials.

Career Essentials will be good for anyone who’s transitioning to pursuing YouTube as their full-time career. If you want to learn more about shooting and editing your own videos, then Production Skills is the choice for you. If you’re focusing on growing your audience, then go with Audience Development.

Attend at least four sessions in your chosen category.

Each category is comprised of several sessions, which will be lead by innovators in the online video industry. In order to receive credit, you must attend at least four sessions in your chosen category.

While you’re only required to attend four, each category offers plenty of different sessions. For example, those pursuing their Production Skills certification can choose from either beginner or advanced level sessions.

Make sure you get your RFID bracelet scanned before each session.

In order to receive credit for attending a session, you must have your RFID bracelet scanned by a Grey Badge VidCon employee. You can get your bracelet scanned up to fifteen minutes before the start of a session or as late as twenty minutes after it ends.

It’s extremely important that you don’t forget to get your bracelet scanned. Even if you attend the session, there’s no way to receive credit for it without having your bracelet scanned.

Add your certification to your LinkedIn Profile.

After VidCon ends, you’ll probably be busy adding all the new friends you made to your network on LinkedIn. If you successfully completed the requirements, then you’ll be able to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile as well.

VidCon will email you confirmation of your certification completion by July 26th. In that email, you’ll also receive further instructions on how to add your certification to LinkedIn.

Attending VidCon can be a game-changer for creators at any level in their careers. Earning your VidCon creator certificate is a great way to build your credentials as a content creator.

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