How The Try Guys Launched A Successful Independent Channel

After several years as BuzzFeed’s biggest breakout stars, the Try Guys launched a successful independent channel of their own. Gaining six million subscribers in their first year, Ned, Keith, Zach, and Eugene practically live on the YouTube trending page.

Here’s how they did it.

They honed their skills by working for a larger company.

Before they were the Try Guys, Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang all worked different positions at BuzzFeed. When Keith and Zach needed a few other guys for a funny video, they recruited coworkers Eugene and Ned. Thus, the Try Guys were born.

Working for BuzzFeed enabled the guys to hone the skills they needed to create, produce, and promote online videos. Thanks to their experience at BuzzFeed, they became masters of viral video.

They made personal sacrifices to get their own company off the ground.

After four years at BuzzFeed, the Try Guys knew it was time to move on. In order to grow their brand, they needed to create their own channel, and therefore, they needed to start their own company.

Getting 2nd Try, LLC off the ground required a great deal of personal sacrifice, however. All four guys quit their jobs at BuzzFeed and put a lot of money into the new production company. Rather than selling their old house when they moved, Ned and his wife Ariel turned it into a studio.

They stuck to a strict upload schedule.

The Try Guys never miss an upload. Every Wednesday and Saturday, they upload a new video. They stick to the same time frame as well.

On top of their upload schedule, the Try Guys have also uploaded special additional content. For example, Keith’s “Eat The Menu” series was uploaded as a new episode every Monday.

They created unique and valuable content.

With their new channel, the Try Guys decided to take their content in a slightly different direction. Rather than the shock value and trending topics BuzzFeed infused into their videos, the guys focused on content that provided more of a value to their viewers.

For example, one of their first major projects was their series about the dangers of driving under the influence. Working with a former detective, they tested driving while drunk, high, sleep deprived, and texting.

They grew their brand through outside projects.

Free from the constraints of BuzzFeed, the Try Guys were able to pursue outside projects as well. They grew their brand by creating several lines of merch, which they released periodically throughout the year.

They also embarked on what they called the “Summer of Try,” releasing three major projects in succession. Together, they created a bestselling book, a top-rated podcast, and their first cross-country tour.

The Try Guys have created one of the most recognizable brands on YouTube. By working hard and going above and beyond for their audience, they launched not only an independent channel, but four successful careers.

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