How To Earn A YouTube Play Button

The play button is YouTube’s coveted subscriber milestone award. Only the most successful creators receive this exclusive reward, earning new play buttons as their channels continue to grow.

Here’s how to earn a YouTube play button of your own.

1. Reach the silver benefit level.

YouTube divides its creators into different benefit levels, ranging from graphite to red diamond. Each benefit level offers the creators who reach it new features and opportunities, which you can read about in-depth in this post.

In order to receive your first play button, you must reach the silver benefit level. Creators who reach a hundred thousand subscribers are eligible for silver level status.

2. Your channel must pass a review.

Hitting a hundred thousand subscribers does not automatically grant you a silver play button. In order to receive the award, your channel must meet certain eligibility. Namely, YouTube wants to ensure channels it award comply with the platform’s guidelines.

Therefore, any channels that reach silver level will undergo a review within a week of reaching their subscriber milestone. Your account must be free of copyright strikes, Community Guidelines violations, and Terms of Service violations. If you have any of these issues, they must be resolved before you can receive your award.

3. Watch your creator dashboard for a notification.

Once your channel passes the review, YouTube will send a notification to your creator dashboard. Check the notification for your unique code. It will be different for every play button you receive.

Then, head to the Creator Awards redemption site. Use your code to redeem your play button. Enter your shipping information and double check how you want your channel name to appear on the award.

Your play button will ship within two to three weeks, and you’ll receive a tracking number. Be prepared to pick up your package from Customs or a delivery office, should the need arise.

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