How The Green Brothers Built An Educational Video Empire

John and Hank Green are known for a lot of impressive projects, from bestselling novels to VidCon. One of their most important projects, however, is Crash Course. Their collective of educational channels and series has been helping students and educators alike for many years.

Here’s how the Green brothers built an educational video empire.

They saw a need and filled it.

John and Hank first gained notoriety on YouTube with their collaborative channel, vlogbrothers. After going viral with daily back-and-forth videos, they decided to create a different kind of channel.

Because both brothers are passionate about education, they realized YouTube lacked a major, reliable source of educational content. Deciding to address the problem themselves, they created Crash Course.

They continued following the same formula that made them successful.

Crash Course began with a series on world history hosted by John and a series on biology hosted by Hank. Both series were immensely successful, still helping students today.

After their initial success, Hank and John followed the same formula with other series. Each one focused on a new subject, sometimes introducing a new host. Now, they’ve branched out into everything from film history to business.

They partnered with a sponsor.

As Crash Course’s audience grew, so did its influence. Soon, the Green brothers attracted the attention of PBS, an American public broadcasting company.

Because PBS also focuses on bringing education to viewers, they decided to partner with Crash Course. The videos are now produced in association with PBS Digital Studios.

John and Hank Green built an educational video empire by filling a need and finding a formula that worked. In partnership with PBS, they’ve created hundreds of videos to educate a global audience.

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