How To Earn A Full-Time Income Through Content Creation

In a world where people can build entire careers off how many followers they have, it’s possible to earn a living entirely off content you publish online. If you’re dedicated enough, then you can turn your content creation into a full-time career.

Here’s how to earn a full-time income through content creation.

Follow YouTube’s advertiser-friendly guidelines to protect your monetization.

Many content creators use YouTube video monetization as their initial source of income. However, once your channel is monetized, YouTube can still turn off monetization on certain videos if they break the advertiser-friendly guidelines.

In order to remain monetized, a video should essentially be suitable for viewers of all ages. To get a better idea of the more specific guidelines, check out the video below.

Set up a Patreon.

In centuries passed, artists were supported by wealthy patrons who paid them to create art. Now, content creators often seek the support of fans on a smaller level through crowdfunding platforms like Patreon.

Unlike YouTube’s Channel Memberships, Patreon doesn’t require creators to reach a certain threshold of eligibility. Anyone can sign up and start seeking support. Get started with this tutorial.

Have set rates for sponsored content.

Sponsored posts and videos are another good source of revenue for creators. Companies will pay you to advertise their products and services on social media or in videos. Successful sponsorships can even lead to lucrative long-term business partnerships.

In order to make sure you’re being compensated fairly, you should have set rates for your sponsored content. Your rates are based on the size of your audience and level of engagement. In order to determine what your rates should be, follow the instructions here.

Sell and promote your channel merch.

A lot of creators make a good portion of their income through merch sales. Fans love to sport their favorite channels’ logos and catchphrases on shirts, hoodies, mugs, pillows, etc. You can easily start your own online store through Shopify, TeeSpring, or another platform.

In order to sell more merch, you need to promote it as much as possible. Post pictures of your products, wear your designs in videos, and send samples to your influencer friends. You might also increase sales by offering fans special promotions and exclusive deals.

Start a side project you can monetize.

Content creators aren’t just vloggers anymore. They’re authors, podcasters, musicians, and entrepreneurs. For many creators, a side project becomes an important source of income.

Therefore, you should start a side project outside of YouTube that you can monetize. Easy and fun options include starting a podcast, freelance video editing, and blogging. You can find tutorials such as the one below to help you get started.

As a content creator, you’ll need several sources of income in order to support yourself. Start a Patreon and a side project, then promote your channel merch and sponsored content.

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