How To Determine Your Sponsored Content Rates

Sponsorships and brand deals are important money-making tools, but it’s important to know how to determine your sponsored content rates. This is important because it’s what potential sponsors will be looking for as well. There are three things you need to consider: engagement rate, niche, and social media influence.

Here are three ways to help you figure out your YouTube channel value to sponsors!

1. Figure out your engagement rate.

Your engagement rate is a surprisingly important factor when figuring out your sponsored content rate. Engagement rate includes subscriber count, how many likes you get, and how many comments you get on each video. In order to measure engagement in each video, add the likes, comments, favorites, and shares together, and then divide by the number of views. The higher the percentage, the better your engagement rate is.

It’s incredibly important to maintain and increase your engagement rate because that is basically the size of your audience. It looks fantastic to sponsors as well. Even better, the larger your engagement rate is, the more you can charge.

Here’s a great video by Nick Nimmin to help you increase engagement in every video.

2. Find your specific niche.

Niche is very important when considering your sponsored content rate. The more specific your niche is, the more your sponsors will love you! Sponsors love a a YouTube channel with a specific niche because you have a target audience. If you are a small channel that vlogs about one specific thing, you are statistically more popular with brands because you have a specific audience that you can target.

If you aren’t sure what your niche is, ask yourself these questions: What am I trying to tell my viewers? What is the main idea of my channel? How can I add value to my viewers’ lives? These questions will help you figure out what your niche is and help you narrow down products that you could possibly advertise for on your channel.

This video by Nick Nimmin gives more details on how to find your niche.

3. Expand your influence.

Social media is a very important part of any YouTuber’s life. It’s how you advertise your videos and keep your subscribers interested in your content. A large influence increases your value to sponsors because it provides more opportunities for their products to be advertised. Expanding your reach on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other social media platform you use should be a constant goal.

If you have a large social media influence, you’ll be able to charge more to sponsors. You have a lot of followers who will see anything you share on social media, and this increases the chances of a follower being interested in a product you’re talking about. This will then increase the product’s sales, and your sponsor will make more money.

This video by Sunny Lenarduzzi gives more information and great tips on how to expand your social media reach.

Knowing what your YouTube channel value is goes a long way to helping you figure out the finances of brand deals and sponsorships. In order to know what to charge, you need to know what determines your sponsored content rates: engagement rate, niche specificity, and social media reach. If you are able to check these three points off, you are a YouTuber that will do well with sponsors!

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