How Shane Dawson Became A YouTube Icon

Whenever an up-and-coming vlogger is asked who inspired him or her to create videos, the answer is likely to include Shane Dawson. With more than ten million subscribers and more than ten years of experience, Shane is certainly one of the most influential names on YouTube.

Here’s how Shane Dawson became a YouTube icon.

1. He started by creating content that he was passionate about.

Shane didn’t start a YouTube channel to make money. In fact, when he first started uploading videos, no one was making money on YouTube. Rather, he began making videos because he’d fallen in love with film during high school.

Because Shane’s original videos were made simply because he loved creating them, he gave himself the freedom to experiment and be brave with his content. What he ended up with was one of the first popular channels and a permanent spot in YouTube history.

2. He pursued outside projects to supplement his YouTube career.

Shane isn’t just a vlogger. He’s also a film director, podcaster, and author. However, all of his outside projects relate back to his YouTube career. The popularity of his videos opened up opportunities that he may never have had otherwise, such as creating a movie as part of the reality series The Chair or publishing two books chronically his life story.

Shane’s podcast, Shane and Friends, recently picked up a sponsorship from Fullscreen Live. Now, listeners can watch each episode on the Fullscreen app, too.

3. He made a transition with his content when the time was right.

Though Shane’s unique video style was popular with the original YouTube crowd, it wasn’t quite as popular as the platform’s audience began to grow and change. Rather than give up, however, Shane started making different kinds of video, focusing on life hacks and eating videos rather than comedy sketches and music videos.

Shane didn’t leave his filmmaking passions on the shelf, though. He recently hinted at an upcoming YouTube Red show based on his book, It Gets Worse.

Shane Dawson has earned the title of YouTube icon thanks to his decade of dedication to the platform. Follow in his footsteps to become the next iconic YouTube star.

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