How This YouTuber Started A Music Career

Trevor Moran is young, but he has absolutely been killing the YouTube game for years. From his days in O2L to the immense success of his personal channel, Trevor has certainly come a long way. He also used his YouTube success to launch a successful music career.

Here’s how Trevor Moran went from YouTuber to popstar.

1. He uploaded his music videos to his main channel.

Though he has Vevo channel, Trevor has been mosting his more recent music videos onto his main YouTube channel. Because Trevor already has more than a million subscribers on his main channel, he already has a built-in audience for his music videos. In turn, his music videos drove more traffic to the other content on his channel.

Check out Trevor’s latest music video.

2. He showcases his voice in different types of videos.

Some of Trevor’s newer subscribers might not know about his music career just yet. He showed off his singing skills in a video of pop star impressions. Viewers who enjoyed his impressions of Ariana Grande and Lorde were likely to check out his original music as well.

Here’s the video.

3. He does unique musical collaborations with other creators.

Not every musical collaboration has to be a song cover. Trevor got behind the wheel with Shane Dawson for their own version of carpool karaoke. The boys both have original music, but this kind of video was a litte more fun.

Check it out!

A successful YouTube channel and a music career often go hand-in-hand. By uploading his music videos to his main channel and creating other musical content, Trevor Moran supported both of his career paths.

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