How to Create an Engaging Video Podcast for YouTube

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the past few years especially the video podcast. Some of the most popular podcasts are video podcasts and pull in a large amount of their audience through YouTube.

Creating a successful and engaging video podcast, however, takes more than setting up a camera and talking into a microphone. Just like YouTube videos, video podcasts need to grab the attention of your viewers and hold it until the end. With podcasts being longer than the average YouTube video, it can be challenging to create a video podcast that captivates your viewers throughout the entire episode.

Below are some helpful tips to create an engaging video podcast for YouTube.

1. Capture multiple angles

video podcast filming

Having the same angle for a long-form video can become stagnant to the viewer. Especially, if the camera is too far away, the hosts’ faces can be difficult to see which can result in a lack of connection with the viewer.

Set up multiple cameras to capture different angles. A good starting point is getting a wide shot of both hosts and a tight shot for each host. Setting up different angles provides visual stimulation and displays the natural flow of a conversation keeping the audience engaged.

2. Show emotion

video podcast hosts laughing

One of the benefits of having a video podcast is seeing the hosts’ facial expressions. When you share an entertaining story that elicits emotion, this is a prime opportunity to connect with your audience.

Express your emotions and react genuinely. There’s only one thing more boring than having an emotionless conversation, it’s watching one. If your guest tells a shocking story, it’s okay to gasp or verbally react to their story. This encourages the viewer to elicit those same emotions. Keep in mind not to amplify your reactions as the audience can detect exaggeration and deceit. The audience wants to see a genuine conversation that includes natural emotions and reactions.

3. Insert media

video podcast editing

Keep your audience stimulated by incorporating media into your video podcast. This can help you stand out amongst others and convert more listeners to viewers since the audio version doesn’t provide the full experience.

Include reference pictures or video clips for your viewers to better understand the conversation. Even if you think most people should know what you’re talking about, show them. If you mention a sports clip that caught your attention, show the audience the clip so they can follow the discussion. This makes your audience feel more included in the conversations, therefore more engaged.

4. Be mindful when editing

video podcast editing audio

Unlike an audio podcast, your viewers will see where you cut clips. A heavily edited video podcast can go over negatively with viewers. It can disrupt the flow and make the audience aware of the editing pulling them out of the experience. 

Make your editing as natural as possible. Be precise with your editing as one second too long or too short can make a big difference. When cutting to different angles, make sure it flows with the conversation. If your guest is speaking, hold a tight shot on them until they finish. If you want to insert the reactions of the hosts, do so at a natural pause in the conversation, just like you would in a real-life conversation. Doing this keeps the viewer in the podcast experience and can enhance the feeling of being a part of the conversation.

5. Use a fitting backdropvideo podcast filming back drop

Many popular video podcasts have a signature backdrop that they film with every episode. Your backdrop can become a big part of your podcast’s identity. It’s important to use one that fits your niche and won’t distract your audience.

Film in front of a visually pleasing backdrop. Avoid cluttered, busy, and bland backgrounds. You don’t want to distract your audience, but you don’t want a boring shot either. If your podcast is very casual, film on a couch or armchair and use décor that is neutral or ties into your niche. If you prefer a more professional look, film at a desk big enough to seat everyone on camera. Remember to be creative with what you have and stay true to your taste and niche.

Video podcasts are a thriving source of entertainment for online audiences. There’s no reason to hold off on starting your own. No matter your niche or expert level, you can create a successful and engaging video podcast using the tips above.

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