Important Differences between a Copyright Takedown and a Content ID Claim

Copyright takedown and Content ID claim are two paths a copyright owner can take to protect their content. As a creator, it is important to understand the ramifications of each, both as the owner of copyrighted material and creator in copyright violation. To help you navigate potential issues as they arise, we outlined the key differences between a copyright takedown and a Content ID claim below.

Copyright Takedown Always Results in a Copyright Strike

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A copyright takedown is when YouTube removes a video that contains unauthorized copyrighted material. Any content owner, even those who do not have a YouTube channel, can file a copyright takedown notice on uploaded YouTube content. If YouTube determines it is a valid legal request, the video is removed and the unauthorized user is given a Copyright strike. This is important because if a channel receives three strikes, the channel is subject to termination.

A Content ID Claim Lets Copyright Owners Control Unauthorized Uploads

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Youtube Creators – YouTube 

Unlike a copyright takedown, a content ID claim is not defined by law. Content ID is an automated copyright management system created by YouTube that finds videos that contain entirely or parts of copyrighted videos.

In exchange for not submitting a copyright takedown notice that would result in a copyright strike for the uploader, a Content ID claim gives copyright owners the 1) ability to block the video so it cannot be seen by anyone, 2) monetize the video for their own gain which prevents the uploader from monetizing or 3) track the video’s performance to collect data for their own interests.

There are no limits to the number of Content ID claims that can be made against a channel. They also do not impact a channel’s presence on YouTube, but they can transfer control of your videos and content to the copyright owner.

Closing Considerations

To prevent a content ID claim, creators can take advantage of the YouTube tool “checks” which warns creators about copyright issues during the upload process. This gives creators an opportunity to edit their content prior to publishing.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with YouTube’s terms and copyright laws, including fair use law which permits the use of copyrighted material in certain instances. Be aware of anything in your content that could flag a takedown or claim and understand the consequences.

Rights owners have a lot of protections in place. For creators, YouTube allows the dispute of both claims and takedowns that do not violate any YouTube terms or are believed to be compliant with copyright or fair use laws.

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