How to Get More Views With Your YouTube End Screen

The YouTube end screen is a feature every creator should be using, no matter how big or small the channel is. Also known as the outro screen, this feature is designed to drive viewers to explore more content through video, playlist, and channel links. The end screen is a way to get viewers to discover more content and prevent viewers from clicking away to another channel.

Using the YouTube end screen feature helps retain viewers and increase subscribers. Help more viewers get to the end screen by improving audience retention and average view duration.

Here are five tips to help you master the YouTube end screen to increase views and subscribers.

1. Add End Screens 15-20 Seconds Before your Video Ends

creator filming youtube end screen

Once your viewer receives the content they are looking for, they will be looking for the next video to watch. To keep viewers on your channel, add end screens 15-20 seconds before you formally end your video. This seamless transition that retains more viewers by encouraging viewers to click on new video links as they’re being shown.

Whether you film your outros or use text, you can display the end screen over this footage.  To transition naturally and quickly into your end screen, try doing your outro while displaying the end screen.

Mastering the perfect outro will take practice, but learning to make them seamless can help viewers stay on your channel.

2. Use a Clean, Creative Design

youtube end screen design

How your YouTube end screen looks plays a major part in getting clicks. Your viewers won’t click the links if they can’t see them or know what they are. If you film your outros, make sure the link placements on your end screen don’t block yourself or other focal points in the frame. If you prefer an end screen without video, use a still photo or graphic as the background and add music if you’d like.

Not only should your end screen be pleasant to the eye, the style should also match the theme of your channel. For example, if you have a sports channel, incorporate colors and graphics that relate to sports on your end screen.

3. Choose Popular, Similar, or Newly Uploaded Videos

youtube end screen creator

The videos you place on your YouTube end screen can be the deciding factor of whether viewers click. If it doesn’t pique their interest, they won’t be sticking around.

To drive new viewers to the videos that others have already loved, use your end screen to feature your most successful videos with high conversion rates. You could also consider using related videos such as playlists that connect to the theme of the current video. This can keep a new viewer hooked by introducing similar content from your channel. If you have a series on your channel, end screens are a convenient way to push the next videos in the series or a playlist. Finally, using newly uploaded videos is a great way to introduce your most recent content.

4. Update End Screens

youtube end screen

YouTube end screens can go stale if the content they push has gone stale. Updating your end screens is vital to keep up with your ever-changing channel. Your best-performing video may change as you continue uploading or you may add a new video to your series that you want to push to viewers.

Remember to update the design of your end screen if you redesign your channel’s aesthetic. This way new viewers can see your current aesthetic even on old videos. You don’t want to promote a version of your channel you don’t relate to anymore.

5. Study the Metrics

youtube end screen metrics

Every creator will have a different method that works for their audience which is why studying your card analytics is key. Staying on top of your analytics will show you what is and isn’t working for your end screens. This will give your guidance on how to improve your end screen to see better results.

Are they more likely to click when there’s only one video link or two? Do they click more on playlists or videos? Play around with the design, length, timing, and link selection and see how your end screen metrics change. When you find the end screen that works, keep checking your end screen analytics to stay informed on your audience’s response.

Capturing your audience’s attention until the end is a great accomplishment. The next step is taking the extra effort with a well-designed end screen can turn viewers into subscribers. Just because your video is over doesn’t mean your audience needs to leave!

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