How To Create A Successful Video Series

Video series are great for your channel because they keep viewers coming back. They can also easily turn casual viewers into dedicated subscribers who don’t want to miss the next installment.

Here’s how to create a successful video series.

1. Evaluate what kinds of videos get the best response from your current audience.

Lisa Schwartz typically dedicated each day of the week to a different video series on her channel. Her creepy “Twisted Tuesday” series really enticed her audience, who then asked Lisa to start covering unsolved mysteries. She listened, and her viewers loved the new series she created.

2. Create more of the content that your audience enjoys the most.

When Dan and Phil started their shared gaming channel, the Sims was one of the first games that they played. Their audience went crazy for it, and Dan and Phil turned the game into a series that has lasted nearly two years. Though they make other kinds of gaming videos, they put out a new Sims episode often because it makes their viewers happy.

3. Stick with your series rather than switching up your content too often.

Most of Jacksfilms’s recent videos are YIAYs, in which he compiles witty audience answers to questions he asks them. He makes other kinds of videos, but by concentrating on YIAY, he continues to grow the community around his channel.

Creating a successful video series is all about creating the content that makes your viewers happy. Find something that both you and your audience love.

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