How This British Vlogger Built An Audience Of 4 Million Subscribers

British vlogger Phil Lester has more than four million subscribers on his main channel, AmazingPhil. His YouTube success has led to a radio show, two books, and a worldwide stage tour.

Here’s how Phil Lester built an audience of more than four million subscribers.

1. When it comes to content creation, he follows the beat of his own drum.

Phil has been doing YouTube for more than ten years. While other longtime vloggers have fallen into a routine of making videos designed for popularity, Phil continues to create the kind of content that he enjoys. Phil’s videos appeal to his specific audience, most of whom subscribed because they love who Phil is as a person.

2. He teamed up with another vlogger to create a strong brand.

Much of Phil’s audience is also subscribed to Dan Howell, Phil’s best friend and flatmate. The two have lived together for several years, and they often appear in each other’s videos. They started to build their brand together when they took jobs as radio hosts for the BBC. They also wrote two books, went on tour, and started a gaming channel together.

3. He hosts weekly live streams for his audience.

Every Thursday night, Phil hosts a live stream for his audience. He chats with them, answers their questions, and updates them on the little things in his life. These weekly live shows helped form a strong bond between Phil and the community around his channel.

Phil Lester built up an audience of more than four million subscribers by creating the kind of content that he’s passionate about. By working with his best friend and building a strong relationship with his audience, Phil ensured his continued YouTube success.

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