How To Create A Media Kit For Your Potential Sponsors

A media kit puts all the information potential sponsors need about your channel in one place. This is an easy and effective way to connect with brands that want to partner with you.

Here’s how to create a media kit for your sponsors.

1. Write a concise description of your content.

Write a brief, witty introduction to your channel. Give your potential sponsors a glimpse into the kind of videos you make, the viewers you reach, and how often you post.

Make sure to keep this description to about a page or less in length. You don’t want to overwhelm your potential sponsors or try to oversell your content.

Think of it like writing an about page for your channel.

2. Create infographics of your channel’s demographics.

The most important thing to potential sponsors will be your viewers. Because companies want to reach their target market, they need to partner with YouTubers who reach a similar audience.

Organize your YouTube demographics into infographics. Use these charts to visualize how many subscribers you have, where they’re watching from, their age range, etc.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to design your own infographics.

3. Describe any sponsored content you’ve created in the past.

Once you have a few sponsored videos under your belt, be sure to link to them in your media kit. Discuss their stats and any boost in sales or web traffic the companies you worked with had after each video.

Also describe the kind of sponsorships you’re looking for. Describe your time frame, rates, and other expectations.

Your media kit can take the form of a printed document or a digital file. Organize your media kit in such a way that potential sponsors will have everything they need to know before working with you.

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