How To Promote Your YouTube Channel Through Instagram Stories

Instagram’s story feature allows you to share your life with your followers in a quick and open way. Fans can easily access short videos and pictures from your day-to-day life. This makes it the perfect place to engage with them on a more personal level.

Here’s how to promote your YouTube channel through Instagram stories.

1. Share behind-the-scenes content.

Next time you sit down to film a video, snap a quick picture to share with your Instagram followers. Post it to your story so that these followers are the first to know what you’re working on next.

The exclusive nature of this behind-the-scenes content will entice more people to watch both your stories and your YouTube videos.

2. Hold exclusive giveaways.

To encourage YouTube viewers to watch your Instagram stories and vice versa, hold giveaways and announce the winners on your story. Announce the giveaway in a video, but host the giveaway on your story.

Also be sure to tell your followers when you’re going to announce the winners so they know when to check back.

3. Make important announcements and updates.

Use your Instagram story to keep your audience updated on your personal life. Tell them where you’re traveling, what videos you’re working on, and what you plan to create next.

Sharing these announcements outside of YouTube will encourage new followers to explore your channel.

4. Involve your audience in your creative decisions through polls.

When you can’t choose between video ideas, why not let your audience decide? Involve your followers in creative decisions through polls on your Instagram story. Ask them what video they’d like to see next, who you should collaborate with, or where you should visit for a vlog.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create polls on your Instagram story.

Millions of people use Instagram every day. The story feature is the perfect way to keep your viewers up-to-date with your personal life and encourage new followers to check out your channel.

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