How To Create An Epic YouTube Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is an important branding element in your channel. It hooks new viewers and turns them into dedicated subscribers. Follow the below tips to create an epic YouTube channel trailer.

1. Introduce viewers to your channel

A channel trailer, much like a movie trailer, provides a preview of your channel. It reflects your channel’s personality and tells viewers what to expect from your videos. Mention your channel’s unique proposition in the trailer to attract more subscribers. Deliver the key messages about your channel to hook viewers in the first few seconds of the trailer. Additionally, demonstrate your potential to get viewers back to your channel. Show viewers why they need to subscribe, to leave a lasting impression. Take a look at Jamie Oliver’s Channel trailer, for example.

2. Keep the channel trailer short

Viewers’ attention spans have dwindled to a great extent. Therefore, you need to show what your channel has to offer very quickly. The best way to go about this, is to demonstrate your talent and potential. For example, if you have a comedy channel, create a brief, yet funny channel trailer. Your trailer must convey who you are, what your content is about and highlight the best parts of your channel in a short time. For example, the channel trailer by Vice perfectly sums up the brand in a brief and engaging manner.

3. Include strong calls to action

Include interactive features in your channel to get people to take an action. Use clickable annotations in your channel trailer to get people to subscribe. Additionally, use an end card so that viewers can easily subscribe once your video finishes. End cards work on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. You can also use cards to link your channel trailer to other videos and playlists in your channel. These features can be extremely effective calls-to-action in your trailer. Amazing Phil uses an annotation on the top right corner as well as an end card to get viewers to subscribe.

Channel trailers are a great way to turn unsubscribed viewers into followers. They set a good first impression and compel new viewers to subscribe to your channel. Follow the above strategies to create an epic channel trailer.

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