How to Choose an Awesome Stage Name

Your name represents everything that you are. As an artist, your stage name will represent your music’s individuality. If you don’t want to use your birth name as a stage name, you must put thought into an awesome stage name.

These tips are sure to help you choose an awesome stage name.

1. Ask your audience.

All of your devoted followers on social media know you and can help you pick a great stage name. You can simply ask them to give you their ideas or make it fun by hosting a contest for who can come up with the best stage name for you or your band.

2. Use your nickname.

There are many popular artists who use their childhood nicknames as their stage names. Think about all the nicknames you were given from your friends and family. One of the nicknames may be an awesome stage name that will be great for your image.

3. Think about what makes you stand out.

Your interests and personality are what makes you, YOU! Take the time to think about what makes you stand out. By finding a unique characteristic that differs you from others, you are sure to find a stage name that will catch attention.

4. Use a name generator.

When you have exhausted all of your options and can’t think of a suitable stage name for yourself, there are plenty of name generators that can help you. You can get plenty of options in seconds! Childish Gambino has even admitted to using a name generator to find his stage name and it seems to fit his style well.

With these tips, you are sure to find a stage name that’s great for you. Once you find it, you can be just like Rihanna singing, “Oh na na, what’s my name?” and all of your fans will know it.

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