How Michelle Phan Got Over a Billion Views

Michelle Phan will forever be known as one of YouTube’s original makeup artists. She began with simple tutorials on YouTube which earned her sponsorship from Lancome cosmetics. From there, her success has only grown. Today, she owns Ipsy, a 500 million dollar company; and it all started on YouTube. Michelle Phan’s success began to grow thanks to her fans.

Here’s a few reasons why her fans love her so much.

1. Post original content. 

Michelle never fails to come up with creative, innovative content. No two videos are the same and she always repurposes makeup in unique and avant-garde ways. She is always able to provide her viewers with new ideas and inspiration.

2. Be humble.

Michelle was not born into extreme wealth and she has never been shy about discussing that; her father struggled from a gambling addiction and her family consistently faced financial struggles while Michelle was growing up. Viewers are inspired by her honesty in regards to her fairly humble beginnings; it is refreshing and motivational to see someone create a 500 million dollar business and accomplish so much without a history of wealth.

3. Provide accessibility.

Michelle has always created tutorials for affordable DIY skincare, making many of her beauty looks accessible to audiences of any budget. Audiences respond well to her acknowledgement of the expense of skin care and beauty products; she makes it easier for them.

4. Find new ways of doing things.  

She is also constantly coming up with original and clever beauty tips and tricks. Many of these tips and tricks require you to simply repurpose things that everyone has laying around, such as spoons or business cards. Michelle’s ingenuity is something that truly draws audiences to her.

Michelle Phan’s creativity, accessibility, and ingenuity have made her extremely successful and well known. She appeals to viewers by inspiring them to be innovative and think outside of the box.

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