How to Be a DJ

There are so many instruments to choose from, but one that dominates the musical sphere right now is the turntable. Whether you are Aphex Twin or Steve Aoki, here are some tips on becoming a DJ.

1. You must have a few hundred dollars to invest in equipment.

There is a lot of money you need to invest if you want to have a mixer, a turntable, speakers, good headphones etc. The whole set-up will probably take you out $300-$500, depending on where you shop.

2. You’ll also need lots of time.

Like any instrument, dedication to putting in hours of practice is essential for understanding and ultimately improving your craft. The exception in DJing is that it’s so technical at first, unlike a guitar or a drum set.

A basic setup requires software, a two turntables, a mixer, headphones and RCA cables to connect everything. There are other ways to set up, such as using CDs, a programming module, a computer, Ableton, etc. Your choice will always depend on budget.

3. Now start playing!

Whatever genre you choose, there are so many ways to use a turntable in music. Scratching, incorporating spoken word, lead-ins, and background noise are all suitable methods.

After awhile, it could be your main instrument or it could be a compliment to your main act. Diversification is always best. Just enjoy yourself.

DJing is a great way to step up your music game. Follow the above tips to get on your way to becoming the next Calvin Harris.

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