How This Singer Earned 700K+ Subscribers

Many up-and-coming musicians use YouTube as a means to widen their online presence. One such artist who has become quite popular in recent years by utilizing YouTube to promote her music is singer Jhene Aiko.

Jhene Aiko has become a prominent voice in the R&B genre. These are the reasons why Jhene Aiko’s YouTube channel has earned over 700,000 subscribers.

1. Jhene Aiko’s voice and looks are unique.

Her music is often reflected through her voice, which is unique amongst artists who are in the same genre of music. Jhene Aiko’s voice is clear enough for people to understand what she is saying, and her tone captures the song’s mood and meaning perfectly. Her looks are different from other artists because she celebrates the fact that she is of mixed race.

Below is an example of her voice and looks in a music video.

2. Her style of music is creative and distinctive.

Jhene Aiko’s music is different than other artists because it captures emotions and gives each song a particular mood. She uses deep beats for her music, which gives the songs a particular feel when accompanied by her lyrics.

Below is an example of her style of music.

3. Jhene Aiko’s music videos are meaningful, and her collabs are entertaining.

Jhene Aiko’s videos usually give the music she produces and sings a certain flow. Each music video captures what she is trying to portray in the song visually. The collabs she does with other artists also add to her popularity. She usually collaborates with other respected music artists.

Below is an example of a music video with a collab.

Above are the reasons why Jhene Aiko’s YouTube channel has earned over 700,000 subscribers. Her voice and style of music are distinctive and appealing to listeners. Her music videos are creative and give her music a certain mood or flow.

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