3 Side Projects That Will Support Your YouTube Career

A lot of big name YouTubers make most of their money through side projects. Whether it’s Michelle Phan’s makeup line or Trevor Moran’s music career, vloggers know how to use their names and influence to make it big in whatever they pursue. In turn, fans of the creators’ outside endeavors will find their channels as well. The two complement and supplement each other.

Here are three side projects that will support your YouTube career.

1. Host a podcast with your friends.

Shane Dawson has been interviewing friends and celebrities on his podcast Shane And Friends for a few years now. The project even led to a partnership with Fullscreen, who hosts a video version of the podcast exclusively on the company app.

All it takes to make a good podcast is a mic, a few good friends, and some interesting banter. You can even upload it to SoundCloud for free.

2. Publish your own story in a book.

Best friends and famous vloggers Dan Howell and Phil Lester do just about everything together. Their collective fan base went crazy when the boys decided to publish the story of their friendship into a book. The Amazing Book Is Not In Fire led to a stage show, a worldwide tour, two documentaries, and a second book.

Like a podcast, anyone can easily publish a book online. Amazon Kindle has a great publishing site that you can monetize.

3. Create something unique that you can sell online.

If you’ve got a lot of time and a great idea, then selling handmade merch online is a great way to supplement your income. Rising YouTube star yourstrulyalexia recently launched an Etsy shop of her very own. Her viewers have been showing off their original BleachNLace shirts on social media.

Starting an Etsy shop is lots of work but lots of fun.

Starting a side project is a great way to supplement your YouTube income, especially when you’re first starting out. As a bonus, this outside endeavor will also drive more traffic to your channel. It’s a win-win situation.

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