How This Popular YouTuber Gained Almost 8 Million Subscribers

Bunny Meyer has almost a million subscribers for every year that she’s been on YouTube. Since the end of 2010, Bunny as been posting DIYs, fashion vlogs, and product reviews as Grav3yardgirl. Now, she has almost eight million subscribers.

Here’s how Grav3yardgirl built up such a high number of subscribers.

1. When her original videos weren’t extremely popular, she kept trying until she found something that was.

Bunny’s original videos were a strange mix of tutorials, paranormal stories, and thrift store hauls. However, even today, none of those videos were ever as popular as her content is today. However, as she kept making different kinds of videos, she eventually found that her product reviews skyrocketed in views.

If the videos that you’re currently making aren’t yielding the results you expected, then it might be time to try something new. Keep making different kinds of videos until you find what your subscribers really love.

Check out this video of another popular content creator reacting to Bunny’s first videos.

2. When she made a popular video, she turned it into a successful series.

Even today, Bunny’s most popular videos are her reviews of “As Seen On TV” products. From the get-go, her product reviews got millions of more views than her style and paranormal videos ever did. She turned them into her famous video series “Does This Thing Really Work?”.

When you make a popular video, keep going with it if you can. Keep thinking of new ways to add on to your original viral video to create a series.

Check out one of the first “Does This Thing Really Work?” videos.

3. She thinks outside of the box to provide her viewers with truly original content.

In a few of her most popular beauty videos, Bunny tries to curl her hair with things that can’t be found in the average hair salon. She asks the question “Can It Curl?” with things like Cheetos and marshmallows. This idea was so original that Teen Vogue wrote an article about it.

To really capture your viewers’ attention, you’re going to have to think outside of the box. When you get an idea for a video, search it on YouTube first to make sure that no one else has already made a similar video.

Here’s the video that Teen Vogue covered.

Bunny Meyer earned almost eight million subscribers by thinking outside of the box. If your videos aren’t getting the kind of attention you hoped for, then try something different. You never know what video might be the one to go viral.

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