How This Successful Vlogger Promotes Her Content

Vlogger Natalia Taylor has more than six hundred thousand subscribers. To keep her channel growing, Natalia continues to promote her videos. Even though she’s only been on YouTube for a little over a year, her channel is already getting noticed by publications such as the Daily Mail.

Here’s how Natalia Taylor promotes her content to more than half a million subscribers.

1. She made an app to send her videos and social media posts directly to subscribers’ phones.

Natalia recently released an app that puts all of her videos and social media posts into one place. It also always users to compete to become “top fans” by interacting with her content. She used escapex to create the app.

Creating an app is a great way to encourage even more interaction with your content. It can be as simple as putting all of your posts into one place. You can even make a mobile game like Pewdiepie did.

Take a look at Natalia’s new app in this tweet.

2. She posts to a collaboration channel weekly.

Every Sunday, Natalia uploads a new video to the collaboration channel Trash. Popular vlogger Tana Mongeau started the channel a few months ago, and Natalia was one of the six collaborators that she chose to join. Trash was great exposure for Natalia’s channel because Tana’s fans, as well as viewers who loved the other five vloggers, watched Natalia’s weekly video, too. She always reminds Trash viewers to subscribe to her main channel.

Though you may not be able to join a collaboration channel with a popular vlogger, you can gather a few smaller content creators to start a collaboration channel of your own. You’ll get to have your videos seen by as many new viewers as your collaboration partners have subscribers.

Here’s one of Natalia’s recent Trash videos.

3. She interacts with viewers often online.

Natalia spends a lot of time tweeting, Snapchatting, and replying to comments with her viewers. Fans send Natalia many messages a day in hopes of getting a reply. They’re more likely to watch her videos so that they’ll have something to talk with her about.

If you want more interaction from your viewers, then you need to interact more with them. Answer fan questions on Twitter, open their Snapchats, and reply to their comments.

Nati used this tweet from a viewer to ask all of her followers what video they’d like to see next.

4. She travels locally to hold meet-ups with fans.

Natalia has travelled around her home state of Ohio and as far as New York to hold meet-ups with her subscribers. Afterwards, she shares plenty of pictures to let them know how much she enjoyed spending time with them.

You don’t have to fly across the country to meet your fans. Like Natalia, you can travel to nearby major cities and meet up with your subscribers in a public place. They’ll have to keep watching your videos to find out the when and where.

Ok meeting you guys actually completes my life

A photo posted by Natalia Taylor (@natalia__taylor) on

Natalia Taylor spent a year promoting her content to build up a subscriber count of more than half a million. Follow these tips to successfully promote your own videos.

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