3 New Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos

Promoting your YouTube videos can easily become a routine. However, in order to attract new viewers, you should change up your promotional strategies every once in a while.

Here are three new ways to promote your YouTube videos.

1. Look at similar videos to find the tags potential viewers are searching for.

If you want to attract new viewers, then you need to know what kind of videos they’re searching for. Look at videos similar to your own and see what kind of keywords the creators are using.

To get even better results, look at the most popular videos in your niche. If you’re a beauty guru, look at Zoella and Michelle Phan. If you’re a gamer, look at Pewdiepie and Markiplier.

Here’s how to find the most popular keywords on YouTube.

2. Send press releases to local news stations or niche bloggers.

Local news stations and newspapers love to get the scoop on community members who are doing extraordinary things. If you haven’t gotten their attention yet, then draw up a press release to send to local producers and editors.

Niche blogs are another good way for content creators to get press coverage. Email a blogger who writes about the kind of content you make and offer him or her exclusive behind-the-scenes clips or an early video release in exchange for writing about your channel.

Watch this video to learn how to write a press release.

3. Release a song, book, or a unique piece of merchandise.

Plenty of YouTubers who aren’t musicians or writers by trade have been putting out singles and novels lately. Baker Rosanna Pansino recorded the song “Perfect Together,” and the music video got more than fourteen million views in just a year. Vlogger Joey Graceffa wrote the novel Children of Eden and spent ten weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

If you don’t want to sing or write, you can still attract new viewers with a unique product. Though lots of content creators sell t-shirts and pins, you can think outside-of-the-box and create something totally new.

This beauty guru announced her own line of mugs in this clickbait vlog.

Video promotion can be so much more than just SEO and scheduled tweets. Follow these tips to bring in new viewers with new promotional strategies.

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