How This YouTuber Created An Amazing Channel

British vlogger Phil Lester has more than four million subscribers on YouTube. He’s also an author, actor, and radio personality. Phil is, essentially, everything a rising internet star aspires to be.

Here’s how AmazingPhil created such an amazing YouTube career.

1. He’s highly educated in video production.

Unlike many vloggers, Phil is a professional videographer. He earned a postgraduate degree at the University of York Department of Theatre, Film, and Television. He also obtained a Master of Arts in Video Post-Production with Specialization in Visual Effects.

These production degrees have helped Phil improve his YouTube skills over the past ten years that he’s been active online.

Phil’s videos have improved drastically since his first upload in 2006.

2. He found a best friend and collaboration partner.

Phil was already successful on YouTube before he met Dan Howell, but since the duo moved in together, their online careers have taken off immensely. Together, the two hosted a BBC Radio 1 broadcast, wrote a book, and went on a world tour.

Dan and Phil have been living and working together since 2011. They’ve created a collaboration channel and a YouTube Red project together.

Check out one of Dan and Phil’s most popular collaborations below.

3. He really thinks outside of the box with his video ideas.

Phil makes videos about everything from holiday baking to “punk edits in real life.” He was also the world’s fastest coin stacker for a time, setting a Guinness World Record in 2011. Phil’s videos are always creative and unique, which definitely sets him apart from other vloggers who simply do reactions or repeat the same popular video ideas as everyone else.

Here’s one of Phil’s most original season-themed videos.

Phil Lester is, in essence, a YouTube legend. By studying video production, finding a collaboration partner, and thinking outside the box, you, too, will be on your way to YouTube stardom.

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