How Zoella Went From YouTuber To Household Name

It’s hard to meet someone who hasn’t heard of Zoella, even if he or she isn’t at all interested in beauty. Zoella has become an icon in the beauty industry because of her wildly successful channel.

Here’s how Zoella went from YouTuber to household name.

1. She’s been working on her channel for years.

Zoe Sugg uploaded her first video in 2009. By the end of the year, her beauty channel had about a thousand subscribers. However, Zoe didn’t give up when her channel didn’t blow up overnight. Rather, she kept working on her channel, and now she has more than eleven million subscribers.

Take a look at Zoella’s first video below.

2. She takes advantage of brand deals that come her way.

A lot of Zoella’s power comes from her position as an influencer in the beauty world. Brands have definitely taken notice, and Zoella has been smart to take partnerships and endorsements. She attends brand events and promotes the products that she loves. This has helped promote both her channel and the brands she endorses.

Here’s an advertisement that Zoella filmed with All Things Hair.

3. She expanded to creating her own books and beauty line.

Zoella had her own beauty line for a while, but her real passion is her book series, Girl Online. So far, Zoella’s best-selling series has two books. She’s even done a book tour.

Take a look at an interview she did to promote her first novel.

Zoella is certainly a forced to be reckoned with, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Follow these tips to start gaining traction in your own climb to the top.

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