How This YouTuber Built A Success Niche Channel

Videogamedunkey is one of the biggest YouTube gamers right now. He doesn’t supplement his gaming with vlogs, off-topic videos, or live-streams. He does one thing, and he does it well.

Here’s how Dunkey became huge just by playing games.

1. He started with League of Legends.

League of Legends was once one of the most-watched games on the internet, and Dunkey was at the forefront of the goofy League commentary. He released a new League video approximately every week, and aside from being absurdly good at the game, his ironic hatred of it was what made his videos worth watching.

After receiving a temporary ban from the game for using explicit language, however, he released one last video tearing the game and its creators to shreds, and he vowed to never play it again.

This was a dramatic, head-turning moment in YouTube gaming history.

2. His other videos were more interesting.

While some might say he owes his success to League, it was his game reviews that consistently made the front page of Reddit. In his videos, he exploits games’ technological flaws for comedic effect and provides honest feedback.

He shows his immense knowledge of the medium by talking about what developers do right, what needs to be improved, and what consumers should take away from a game, all while doing hilarious in-game stunts.

3. His off-camera personality is charming.

Dunkey has been described by his friends as one of the most loving people they know. He is known for caring immensely for his friends.

Sky Williams released a video all about why he loves Dunkey and why everyone else should too. He says more than anyone else could.

4. His voice is addictive.

YouTubers, particularly gamers, are known for using over-the-top, often cartoonish voices, and Dunkey is no exception. His charming, hard-to-place east coast accent adds a distinct flavor to his videos.

He rarely shows his face, but it’s impossible to confuse his work with any other YouTuber’s.

5. His editing is on point.

Dunkey is already hilarious, but his understanding of timed editing takes his humor to the next level. He’s not using any extravagant effects, but when he goes silent to show the pace of a game or zooms in on a poorly animated character’s face, it says more than words ever could.

He has such a deep understanding of his own craft that he has become the prime example for other YouTubers to replicate.

Videogamedunkey has taught other YouTubers how to be funny while critiquing games. He continues to release content on a weekly basis, and for that his channel continues to grow.

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Gabriel Dufurrena is a mathematician, writer, and educator living in Oakland, CA. When he’s not watching YouTube videos or teaching math, he’s playing video games all night.

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