How This Young Vlogger Is Maximizing Her Earning Potential

Nineteen-year-old vlogger Tana Mongeau runs two successful YouTube channels. She has 2.5 million subscribers on her main channel and almost 800,000 on her secondary channel. Tana built her YouTube career on storytime videos. However, recently, she’s been maximizing her earning potential as a vlogger in different ways.

Here’s how Tana Mongeau is maximizing her earning potential.

1. She started daily vlogging on her secondary channel.

Like many vloggers, Tana struggled with consistently uploading new material onto her main channel. However, inspired by successful YouTubers such as David Dobrik, Tana decided to take up daily vlogging on her secondary channel. She’s stuck to her schedule since she made the decision to become a daily vlogger.

Daily vlogging helps maximize the number of views that a vlogger gets. The more you upload, naturally, the more views you’re likely to get. Tana’s daily videos have been amassing hundreds of thousands of views.

2. She’s been touring across the globe with her vlogger friends.

Tana recently embarked on her second tour with Fullscreen Live. The Tana Mongeau and Friends Tour has taken her to Australia, the UK, and Ireland. With different ticket options available for fans who want to spend more one-on-one time with Tana, Fullscreen made it possible for Tana to make more money from ticket sales.

3. She sells unique merchandise without launching too many new products at once.

Tana has released a line of merchandise in the past, but lately, she’s focused her marketing efforts on a phone case that she designed specifically for her fans. She hyped the case on social media and released it in limited quantities to encourage fans to order it as soon as it became available.

who's excited for my next phone case drop?????

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Tana Mongeau has been maximizing her earning potential by increasing her content output and taking her career offline. Take similar steps with your own YouTube career to maximize your own earning potential.

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