How This Video Got 30,000 Views In 4 Hours

Loey Lane is a beauty vlogger and fashion expert. She has 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Though many viewers love her body positive wardrobe lookbooks and her makeup tutorials, Loey found a lot of unexpected success with her paranormal storytimes. In fact, her latest one got about 30,000 views within four hours of being uploaded.

Here’s how Loey’s latest video got thousands of views in a matter of hours.

1. She followed a popular yet simple video format.

Storytimes videos are super popular on YouTube. Many beauty vloggers started doing them, and the trend was picked up by other vloggers soon after. There are even several new YouTube stars, such as Tana Mongeau and The Gabbie Show, who built their channels off of storytime videos.

2. Her video centered on a popular topic.

Paranormal storytimes enjoy a special popularity on YouTube, even when it isn’t Halloween. There’s something about a scary yet true story that viewers can’t get enough of. By sharing her own paranormal experiences, Loey built up an unexpected community of horror fans around her channel.

3. She made her story was relevant to her audience.

Another popular storytime theme on YouTube is Uber rides gone wrong. Sharing a story about her paranormal Uber experience helped Loey create a video that her young audience could identify with.

Loey Lane’s latest storytime video got 30,000 views in four hours because it hit on two themes that the YouTube audience loves to hear about. Creating videos based on evergreen trends will help you get more views more quickly, too.

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