How This Vlogger Gained Two Million Subscribers With Slime Videos

British vlogger Talisa Tossell has more than two million subscribers on YouTube. She’s been active on YouTube for the past four years, but her channel really exploded about two years ago.

Here’s how Talisa Tossell gained more than two million subscribers with slime videos.

She joined a niche that was booming in popularity.

When Tal first started on YouTube, she made general DIY and lifestyle videos. Most of her videos got around a hundred thousand views, but she had one massively viral video about overnight hair growth that got more than twelve million.

Then, in 2017, Tal uploaded her first slime video. This was right as slime making was taking off on Instagram and YouTube. As the niche boomed in popularity, so did Tal’s channel. Her first slime video was also her first video since her original viral hit to pass a million views.

Her videos are short and bingeable.

Tal has uploaded more than a hundred slime videos, along with others DIYS, clay cracking, and ASMR content. Most of her videos are under fifteen minutes long, with a lot of them being under five minutes.

Keeping her videos short makes frequent uploads easy. It also makes them easy for viewers to binge watch, which Tal makes even easier by sharing playlists.

She repeats popular video ideas.

If you scroll through Tal’s videos, you’ll likely notice similar video titles appearing over and over. This is because she often repeats her own video ideas that get popular.

For example, Tal’s famous slime shop reviews get a lot of attention, so she makes these videos quite often. However, not every video is the same. She frequently gives her popular video ideas a new twist, such as in the video below.

Talisa Tossell gained more than two million subscribers by creating slime videos. Her bingeable videos and similar content ideas keep viewers sucked in.

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