5 Streams Of Revenue Every YouTuber Should Have

Making a good living off your channel is a dream for many content creators. However, with the constantly changing tides of how YouTube runs ads over videos, it may seem like a lofty dream. The solution comes in the form of several different streams of revenue, which can empower you to make money off your content outside of YouTube.

These are the five streams of revenue every YouTuber should have.

1. Ad revenue is your central source of income.

Of course, as a YouTuber, monetizing your videos should be one of your top priorities. First, you have to be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. In order to apply, you have more than a thousand subscribers and more than four thousand hours of watch time over the past year.

Once you’re a part of YPP, you can start running ads on your videos. To maintain your eligibility, you must continue to follow all of YouTube’s policies and adhere to the Community Guidelines.

You can learn more about monetizing your channel in the video below.

2. Further monetize your videos by creating sponsored content.

You can further monetize your channel by creating videos that outside sponsors pay you to make. Sponsored content is a fundamental source of income for creators of all sizes, especially niche creators.

When you make a sponsored video, however, you must make it clear to the viewer that you were paid to promote the company that sponsored you. You should disclose that the video is an advertisement in your title, at the top of the description, and in the video itself.

3. Promote your merch.

Merchandise sales are another important stream of revenue for creators. Your fans want to represent the channel they love in real life. You can put your channel logo on shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, phone cases, or anything else you can dream of.

Be sure to link your online merch store in your video description and your end screen. Once you pass ten thousand subscribers, you can also make use of YouTube’s Merch Shelf feature.

4. Offer fans exclusive content in exchange for their support.

If you have more than a hundred thousand subscribers, you can invite subscribers to support your content creation through channel memberships. In exchange for a small monthly fee, they’ll receive exclusive content from you, such as unique badges or secret live streams.

If you’re not yet eligible to enable channel memberships, then you can just as easily use Patreon. While it’s not connected directly to YouTube, Patreon works the same way channel memberships do. However, it also allows you to set tiers for your supporters and make exclusive posts for them.

5. Turn your hobby into a lucrative side project.

Many people join YouTube because they want to share their creativity with the world. You probably have other fun, fulfilling hobbies, such as writing, drawing, or making music. You can use those talents to create a side project, such as an album or artwork commissions.

Even if you aren’t artistically inclined, you can still create a lucrative side project. Because you’re already used to talking to a camera, starting a podcast will be simple.

To make YouTube your full-time career, you’ll really have to hustle. Incorporate these five streams of revenue into your work schedule to set yourself up for success.

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