How This Vlogger Broke Into Mainstream Music

Vlogger Gabbie Hanna, who is better known online as The Gabbie Show, recently debuted her first single, “Out Loud.” The song quickly climbed the iTunes charts, and the lyric video has more than 6.5 million views.

Here’s how vlogger Gabbie Hanna broke into mainstream music.

1. She started by announcing a different project.

Before releasing her new song, Gabbie announced her upcoming poetry book, Adultolescense. When she debuted “Out Loud,” she also shared the fact that the song’s lyrics are based on her original poetry.

Gabbie used the projects to promote each other.

2. She promoted the new song on her YouTube channel.

Even when she released her new song out into the world, Gabbie didn’t stray far from her home on the internet. She made several videos about the song, such as one sharing her first live performance.

3. She interacted with fans who shared their own reactions to the song.

Plenty of fans shared their reactions to Gabbie’s new song on social media and even in their own YouTube videos. On her second channel, Gabbie made a video reacting to those reactions.

Gabbie Hanna successfully broke into mainstream music by making her music a side project instead of a complete career switch. By keeping her focus on YouTube, she was able to promote her music to her built-in audience and attract new fans.

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