How This Woman Was Named Creator On The Rise

Danelle Hallan is this week’s Creator on the Rise. She has more than 30,000 subscribers, but plenty of her videos get way more views than that.

Here’s how vlogger Danelle Hallan was named YouTube’s Creator on the Rise.

1. She creates content in a growingly popular niche.

Lately, viewers have been gobbling up creepy videos. Whether it’s unsolved mysteries or conspiracy theories, these kinds of videos get thousands of views across a wide array of channels.

Danelle focuses exclusively on creepy videos, such as murder mysteries.

2. She uploads multiple videos a week.

Danelle averages about two videos a week. Her schedule strikes the perfect balance between too many videos and not enough. Her viewers are able to enjoy her content without getting overwhelmed.

3. She encourages discussion in her comments section.

In the comments under any of Danelle’s videos, viewers can be found sharing their own thoughts and theories on the stories Danelle shares. She further encourages them by liking and interacting with as many comments as she can.

Danelle Hallan is quickly rising to YouTube fame because she creates videos in a popular niche and uploads multiple times a week. By encouraging her viewers to interact and discuss her videos, she’s also building a strong community around her channel.

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  • This girl is so easy to listen to. She needs her own investigation show !! She REALLY cares about the victims and their familys not just trying to get likes and subscribes . Sjes the whole reason I started watching Youtube ( Im kinda old) lol . Anyways shes Great!! Thanks for all you do Danelle !!

  • I know this site is like 10 yrs old. but I just started to watch you.. Kendal came on my fb feed so I watched it and they had some more crime show you tubers. You two are the only two I watch. I like how you guys engage with the audience.

    I love how your videos are longer. I don’t like when people are in a rush for time. It stresses me out.I don’t really watch you tube. I am on fb all the time. I wonder why now it is on my feed. I am the last person who should be an advisor. But
    I will try to post some of your videos and share them.

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