How This Video Got 800,000 Views In One Day

Shane Dawson was one of the original YouTube celebrities. Even today, he still gets thousands of views on every single video. Recently, his video “Making Fun Of YouTuber Thumbnails” got 800,000 views in less than 24 hours!

Here’s how Shane made it happen.

1. He collaborated with two other popular content creators.

As the old saying goes, two heads are better than one. That means that three heads is even better! For this video, Shane collaborated with both Drew Monson and Garrett Watts. Fans of all three channels came together to give the video even more views than if Shane had filmed it alone.

Here’s another popular collaboration that Shane made with Tana Mongeau.

2. He created his own intriguing thumbnail.

When it comes to making thumbnails, Shane is king. He always makes use of a bright yellow background and a very shocking expression. His thumbnails are simple, but they’re quick to grab viewers’ attention.

Take a look at how he creates his thumbnails here.

3. He used the names and faces of other YouTubers to attract their audiences.

Because the thumbnail of this video includes the faces of other popular YouTubers, such as Dan and Phil, subscribers from those channels will be interested in Shane’s video. Also, by using “YouTubers” in his title, Shane made plenty of viewers wonder if their favorite vlogger was going to be featured in the video.

Here’s another video that accomplishes the same thing.

Shane Dawson used a great thumbnail and collaboration partners to create a viral video. Follow these tips to start getting a few hundred thousand views of your own.

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