How This Video Got 3 Million Views In 2 Days

Lilly Singh is one of the top content creators on YouTube. She has a bestselling book, a documentary, and a world tour. Lilly knows exactly what it takes to make a video a hit, and it’s no surprise that her latest video was featured on YouTube’s trending page soon after it was uploaded.

Here’s how Lilly Singh’s video got more than three million views in just two days.

1. It’s a sequel to another popular video.

More than a year ago, Lilly and D-Trix made the original “5 Things Guys Do That Girls Love.” This video got almost fourteen million views, so it’s no surprise that they decided to make a part two!

2. It’s a collaboration.

Collaborations often get more views than other videos because they bring together audiences from two different channels. Because Lilly and D-Trix have more than fourteen million subscribers between them, their collaborations videos were almost guaranteed to be successful.

3. It’s relatable.

The reason that Lilly has so many subscribers is that her videos are relatable. By making videos that generalize what most people watching go through, she creates content that viewers are likely to share.

Lilly Singh’s latest video got trending because it was relatable and because it capitalized on the popularity of a previous video. Follow these tips, and you’ll see your own videos on the trending tab in time.

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