How This Video Got 2.5 Million Views In A Month

At the end of August, popular vlogger Jack Douglass posted a video that he called a “compliment track.” The video quickly climbed up YouTube’s trending page, raking in views by the millions.

Here’s how Jack’s video got 2.5 million views in a month.

1. He turned a current video trend on its head.

Thanks to controversial creators like Rice Gum and Jake Paul, diss tracks have become a huge trend on YouTube. Many creators, however, have grown tired of the constant drama and hate these creators generate to get views. Jack was one of the few who decided to speak out against the toxic trend by creating his own compliment track instead.

Jack credited Caspar Lee with the original idea.

2. He used popular creators’ faces on his thumbnail.

Jack attracted a lot of viewers to his video by putting pictures of their favorite YouTubers in his thumbnail. Fans of creators like Dan Howell, Phil Lester, Dodie Clark, and Logan Paul clicked on the video to see what compliments Jack had for their favorite social media stars.

Using other content creators or celebrities as clickbait will attract fans from outside your target demographic.

3. He asked for viewer participation.

In the video preceding his compliment track, Jack asked his viewers to suggest other vloggers that he should include in his upcoming video. He used the best and most popular answers as his inspiration.

Jacksfilms created a popular video by turning a toxic video trend on its head and using other vloggers’ pictures as clickbait. Think outside the box and work with your own viewers to create the kind of video that will get trending.

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