Why This South African Vlogger Gets Millions Of Views

Caspar Lee grew up in South Africa before moving to the UK to further his vlogging career. Now, he was more than seven million subscribers, and he creates the kinds of videos that top YouTube’s trending page.

Here’s why Caspar Lee gets millions of views.

1. His videos have a high production value.

For Caspar, every video is an investment. He takes the time (and money) to make sure that his videos are high-quality and professional. Though this means that he doesn’t post as often as other vloggers might, every video Caspar posts is well worth replaying for the next month.

2. He often collaborates with other popular vloggers.

Since moving to the UK< Caspar has become close friends with other vloggers, such as Alfie Deyes and Joe Sugg. He often collaborates with his friends to create videos that are even better.

3. He upbeat, outgoing personality attracts more viewers to his channel.

Caspar’s videos are great, but it’s his upbeat, bright personality that attracts so many viewers to his channel. Having an outgoing personality makes his videos more fun to watch.

Caspar Lee gets millions of views because he creates videos with high production value and teamwork. His upbeat personality makes viewers fall in love with everything he does.

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