How This British Vlogger Became A Top 10 Artist

British singer and vlogger Dodie Clark recently released her second EP, You. During its first week of release, You reached the sixth spot on the UK’s music charts.

Here’s how Dodie Clark became a Top 10 artist.

1. She built up a strong online following.

Dodie has two YouTube channels. Her main channel, doddleoddle, is for music, and her side channel, doddglevloggle, is for vlogs and other creative content. She has more than 1.5 million combined subscribers for both.

Dodie built up a strong following online before releasing any music for purchase. This ensured that her releases would have an audience when she was ready to put out music.

2. She released her music independently.

Dodie didn’t release her music through a label. Rather, she did everything herself. Her team consists only of herself and her manager. She put You on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Releasing her music independently allowed Dodie to maintain complete creative control. She was able to make as many videos about her new music as she wanted without needing any label executives to approve.

3. She promoted her music at YouTube events.

Dodie has spent this year traveling around the world to different YouTube events. She played concerts at events in the UK, the US, and Australia. Both longtime and new fans were able to experience her new music live and in person.

Dodie Clark became a Top 10 artist thanks to the support of her loyal fans. By building up an audience online and then traveling to play for them, Dodie created her own successful independent music career.

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