How This Sports Star Grew Past Half A Million Subscribers

YouTube is a place for everyone who is passionate about making videos. Some creators are established professionals and even celebrities in their own respective fields. Sports stars recently have been utilizing YouTube for producing content. One such star is NBA professional basketball player Jeremy Lin. His YouTube channel has gained an impressive amount of subscribers since its start.

These are the reasons why Jlin7 has earned over 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

1. Jeremy Lin is well known due to his professional basketball career.

Jeremy Lin reached fame in the NBA during his time on the New York Knicks, where he received the nickname Linsanity. His talent was shown during a couple games where he earned impressive stats in the 2012 season.

He has since been on multiple teams but is a well-known player. He is of Taiwanese descent, and this makes him popular amongst Asian-American basketball fans.

Below is an example of his professional basketball career.

2. His video content is funny and creative.

Jeremy Lin, along with his basketball career, makes interesting video content on YouTube. His videos usually incorporate his own experiences and add humorous elements to then.

He regularly collabs with other YouTubers and NBA players. The content he produces is entertaining to viewers and shows his skill as a video editor and creator.

Below is an example of this.

3. Jeremy Lin is relatable to viewers and gives them an inside look at his life.

Jeremy Lin’s channel is unique in that it gives people a more in-depth vision of life in the NBA. His video content is attractive to viewers because it shows a side to him that is relatable, and his personality make his videos interesting.

Below is an example of his NBA life in a video he uploaded.

These are the reasons why Jeremy Lin’s YouTube channel has earned over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. His video content is creative and entertaining as it gives fans a chance to see life in the NBA. His status as an NBA basketball player makes him well-known to people.

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