How This Music Video Broke 4 Million Views

There are many music artists on the internet who have gained sizeable listener bases but have yet to become well-known in the mainstream music scene. One such artist which has produced great music but is not known by many is Bonobo. Bonobo’s music over the years has gained many listeners, and his song “Kerala” has seen quite a few YouTube views.

These are the reasons why “Kerala” has gained over four million views.

1. Bonobo’s musical style is creative and feels like it is telling a story.

Bonobo’s music is entertaining to listeners because it tends to have a low key and pleasant vibe to it. His style of music can best be described as ambient sounds with some vocals. The music he produces usually has a deeper meaning behind it, which combined with the beats, gives it a unique sound.

Below is an example of his musical style.

2. The tone of his music is deep and relaxing.

Bonobo’s musical works are relatable to people because it is music that is very easy to listen to. For most fans of his music, the songs he produces are calming. Bonobo’s tone usually is an ambient alternative style of music. The mood that is given from his music helps most viewers complete tasks when listening to it because of its ambient vibe.

Below is an example of his music’s calming tone.

3. Bonobo’s vocals and music videos are interesting works of art.

The vocal talent Bonobo uses in his music make it unique to listeners as each song has a different kind of feel to it based on the individual singing. Along with the vocals, the music videos he produces have artistic elements to them. The music videos he produces are different than most other music videos.

Below is the music video for “Kerala,” which highlights these elements.

These are the reasons why Bonobo’s music video for “Kerala” earned over four million views on YouTube. His music style and tone are unique, which is appealing to most listeners. His vocal talent and music videos are interesting works of art, which shows his creativity.

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