How This Social Media Starlet Launched Her Music Career

Lil Miquela is a name that often pops up in discussions about online conspiracy theories. Plenty of people have questions surrounding the Instagram model, and she’s made use of that fame by releasing her first single. The lyric video got more than 40,000 views in a week.

Here’s how social media starlet Lil Miquela launched her music career.

1. She built up a unique image.

The main question surrounding Lil Miquela is if she is a real person, a computer-generated image, or something in between. Her Instagram account first began attracting attention in 2016 when theories began to circulate about who the girl in the pictures was.

Miquela played into the theories, refusing to reveal any “truth” behind her identity. This only increased her follower count as more and more people tried to figure out who she was.

lip gloss is poppin

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2. She kept her career shrouded in mystery.

Miquela continues to keep her secrets close. She’s been interviewed by the likes of Vogue and Billboard, but there is still no “real answer” regarding the theories that concern her.

Miquela has turned the focus onto her music, so as more people hear about her Instagram, more people are finding her new music.

making headlines ????thank you @voguemagazine for making dreams come true! link in my story ⭐️

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3. She teased the single on social media.

A few weeks before her first single, “Not Mine,” dropped, Miquela posted her first video to Instagram. It showed her tapping her foot to a catchy beat that played in the background. As the song’s release grew closer, she continued to hint to her followers that she was spending time in the recording studio.

new vans, new jams ~ hmu if u wanna join my new girl group ????

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4. She dropped the single without revealing anything major.

When Miquela released “Not Mine,” she didn’t reveal anything about its production. She stuck with a lyric video, and most of the song’s attention has come from Spotify.

By keeping her true identity under wraps, Miquela will be able to ride out the story (and the attention that it brings her) a little longer.

Whether she’s a real person or a computer-generated image, Lil Miquela is a marketing genius. By keeping her career shrouded in mystery, she’s basically guaranteed that anything she does will have a huge and very curious audience.

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