How This Australian Beauty Guru Gained 3.6 Million Followers

One thing YouTube is most famous for is its vast array of makeup tutorials and beauty experts. While some have criticized so-called “beauty gurus” for being cliche and unoriginal, there is no doubt that some of the top beauty and makeup YouTubers have gained huge success on their channels due to their original makeup looks, charming personalities, and overall incredible channels.

Twenty-four-year-old Lauren Curtis, an Australian native and beauty guru, has gained a following of over 3.6 million over the course of her six years on YouTube. Here are a few reasons for her massive success.

1. She produces varied content.

While all of Lauren’s content is beauty and makeup related, she doesn’t only post tutorials. Along with easy to follow tutorials, you can find makeup reviews, hair tutorials, hauls, and much more. Having varied content, while staying within the makeup realm, ensures that her audience doesn’t get bored.

2. She is brutally honest in her reviews.

With all the sponsorships and free gifts top YouTubers receive, it’s hard to tell who’s being honest and who’s giving phony reviews for the sponsorships and cash. Lauren, however, is not afraid to tell it like it is and gives honest feedback on all the products she uses, never endorsing something she does not love herself.

3. She is relatable.

So many social media stars and celebrities, in general, have seemingly perfect lives. Even if their lives aren’t perfect in real life, it can be so easy to fabricate a flawless life over the internet, which is what so many people do. Lauren, however, is incredibly candid about her life and struggles. She shares stories about being bullied, her insecurities, and she is overall an open book, making her incredibly relatable to viewers of all ages.

4. She has a unique sense of humor and is herself on camera.

When first starting out on YouTube, it’s easy to try and be like and act like all the big YouTubers you see. It seems like having a similar persona will help you obtain the success they have. However, it is easy to see through people, and having a unique personality really pays off.

Whether you want to focus on beauty, fitness, food, or anything else, using Lauren Curtis as an example of how to do YouTube right can help you achieve the success you want. Unique, candid personas always do the best. So, be yourself, and success will come!

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