How This Social Media Queen Earned 4.5 Million Subscribers

Gabbie Hanna, a.k.a. The Gabbie Show, has been absolutely killing the social media game. She was one of the few former Viners to make a successful transition to YouTube. Now, she even has huge followings on Instagram, Twitter, and

Here’s how The Gabbie Show earned 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

1. She shares stories that keep her viewers entertained.

Gabbie built her channel on story times. She shared her tales of dates gone wrong and Uber rides gone awry with her viewers, which helped her establish an audience apart from her Vine views. Now, Gabbie is one of the most popular story time vloggers on YouTube.

2. She incorporates other social media into her videos.

As Gabbie’s channel started to grow, she began to make a name for herself on other social media platforms as well. She makes plenty of popular videos recreating Musical.lys and reacting to her old Vines.

3. She expanded her brand into different kinds of video.

After growing her social media following, Gabbie decided to branch out into more traditional media. She worked with Buzzfeed’s video department for a while. More recently, Gabbie announced that she is releasing a poetry book of her very own.

Gabbie Hanna has become a major social media celebrity as The Gabbie Show. By diversifying her platform and incorporating other social media into her videos, she’s amassed a huge following online.

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