How This Singer Released A Successful Second Album

A debut album is arguably the most important release of an artist’s career. This is the album that sets the stage for every single thing that the artist does afterwards. However, many would also say that the sophomore album is a vital point in a singer’s career. The first album sets the stage, but the second album builds on that foundation and helps the singer to establish himself or herself as an artist.

Halsey has devoted her entire summer to the release of her second album, Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Here’s how she made the release of her sophomore album successful.

1. She timed the release to jump off of the popularity she’d earned from a different project.

Halsey’s debut album Badlands brought her success just outside of mainstream music. Her lyrics decorated Tumblr edits and captioned hipster Instagram posts, but she didn’t receive much attention from the Top 40 audience.

However, last summer, Halsey lent her vocals to the Chainsmokers for their single “Closer.” This collaboration became the song of the summer, and it dominated the Top 40 charts for months before Ed Sheeran’s newest album knocked it out of place.

By releasing her second album just a few months after “Closer” started to lose traction, Halsey ensured that millions of listeners would be interested in what she could do apart from the Chainsmokers.

2. She played international festivals to share new music with her global audience.

One mistake that many singers make is focusing their music promotion on only one country. However, like many artists, Halsey has an international fan base to cater to, many of whom aren’t able to watch American television appearances or purchase music from US-based sellers.

In order to cater to her global audience, Halsey decided to bring her new music straight to them. She launched the album during an international tour. She’s spent her summer playing European festivals, from Roskilde in Denmark to Glastonbury in the UK.

3. She released every single track on YouTube.

Many artists release all of their new music onto streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music. However, with his latest album, Ed Sheeran became one of the first major music stars to release an entire album as audio tracks on YouTube. Each track has millions of plays.

Halsey took a step in the right direction when she made the same move as Sheeran. Every single song on Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is available on YouTube, which both discourages copyright infringement and provides listeners with another platform to find her music.

The success of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is largely due to the way that Halsey treats her audience. By making her new music easily accessible to listeners all over the world, she’s cemented her place in the international music community.

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