How “Despacito” Became The Most Streamed Song Of All Time

Just six months after it was dropped, “Despacito” shattered records to become the most streamed song of all time. This Latin pop collaboration quickly became the song of the summer, so it’s no surprise that Spotify and Apple Music users still can’t get enough.

Here’s how “Despacito” became the most streamed song of all time.

1. It combined the influence of several powerful artists.

Before “Despacito”took home the title, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” was the most streamed song in existence. By combining Bieber’s clout with the international fan bases of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, “Despacito” was destined to take over the number one spot.

If you check out the Billboard charts, many of the top ten songs are collaborations. These songs get so popular because they introduce singers to new audiences who may not have otherwise listened to their music. For example, Bieber’s immense popularity in the US helped bring “Despacito” onto mainstream radio.

2. It challenged the style that was currently popular.

One of the main draws of “Despacito” is its distinctly Latin flavor. Even listeners who only speak English can’t get the lyrics out of their heads. With the recent movement for more diversity and representation in mainstream media, fans all over the world jumped at the chance to celebrate a culture different from their own.

Latin fans were also extremely excited to hear Bieber featured on a Spanish song. The combining of cultures proved that music can break barriers.

3. The artists made the song extremely accessible for listeners.

Since January, “Despacito” has been streamed more than 4.6 billion times. The music video is one of the most popular videos of all time on YouTube, and the song is readily available on Spotify and Apple Music.

By making the song so easily accessible online, the artists behind “Despacito” have ensured that everyone who wants to can take a listen.

“Despacito” has become the most streamed song of all time because it breaks barriers to bring together an international community of music lovers. It’s setting the stage for the music of the future.

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