How This Singer Became A Pop Sensation

Charli XCX is a British singer who began her career by performing at warehouse raves in London. Today, she has become internationally successful with top ten singles in several countries, two studio albums, and songs featured on the soundtracks of blockbuster films like The Fault in Our Stars.

Here are a few ways she became successful.

1. Make your music available online.

Charli originally established herself by posting demos on her MySpace page. Today, up-and-coming artists post their demos on Facebook, BandCamp, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Establishing an online presence can be a great way to gain a following. Make sure to make your music available online. You never know who might discover it.

2. Consider adopting a stage name.

The name “Charli XCX” comes from the singer’s MSN messenger username she had when she was younger. The name appears to have truly helped her cultivate her artistic persona. The name also definitely complements her wild pop music better than “Charlotte Emma Aitchison” does.

Consider adopting a stage name that matches your musical style.

3. Collaborate with artists whose style complements yours.

Charli XCX truly rose to prominence after collaborating with Icona Pop on the 2012 pop anthem “I Love It.” It was an ideal collaboration because the singer’s vocals were perfectly suited to the beat and style of the song.

The power of collaboration is limitless. Collaborating can promote your music to a wider audience and allow you to create something truly unique.

Charli XCX was able to use online communities, a stage name, and collaboration to become an established and successful pop artist.

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