How Madonna Became One Of The Biggest Names In Pop Music

Madonna is one of the biggest names in pop music history. At 58, her most recent tour was among the top five most successful live acts for 2016. She has sold over 300 million records, but once upon a time she started out with aspirations like any artist.

Study the arc and aspects of Madonna’s legendary career and learn what made her the powerhouse she is today.

1. Leave your hometown so that you can make more connections.

Madonna’s name seems synonymous with big cities like New York or Los Angeles, but Madonna was actually born in Bay City, Michigan.

As hard as it is to leave the comfort of home, aspiring musicians need to expand their horizons. There are more opportunities in making connections with people in the music industry in cities known for a thriving music scene.

2. Learn to dance to really make your performances shine.

Dancing is the physical extension of music. It is only natural for a performer to dance. Madonna, along with James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce, has utilized dance as a way to entice fans.

Even though dance is an artform unique from music, it can enhance a live performance when there are thousands watching.

3. Don’t expect immediate recognition.

Musicians and performers can be extremely hard on themselves. It is important for artists to remind themselves that they are proud of what they are doing. Sometimes recognition has to come from within before others are willing to give it.

Madonna has no problem patting herself on the back, and that has certainly lead to her success.

Whether it be through self-belief, vogueing, or ambition, Madonna has made a career that anyone seeking success would be proud of. Performers need to channel their energy through dancing and risk taking. Be a daring performer and build a career with longevity like Madonna has.

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Will Randick is a blogger and educator working out of the Bay Area.

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