How This Remix Gained 17 Million Views In One Week

Latin American boyband CNCO and British girl group Little Mix did a very unusual collaboration that has brought many fans in to see what this is all about. CNCO is known for their reggaeton and Latin pop music, while Little Mix focuses more on pop, R&B, and dance-pop. Originally the song “Reggaeton Lento” was released by CNCO, but they made a remix with Little Mix, which has already become a success.

Here’s how it happened.

1. They combined two languages in the music video.

Remixes are always cool because you get to see multiple artists change up the vibe of the original song to create something different. With “Despacito,” Luis Fonsi created a remix with Justin Bieber, which ended up being a huge success.

Adding two different languages such as Spanish and English can create an interesting song.

2. Two famous groups from different backgrounds came together.

The interesting thing about this song is that Little Mix is actually a British girl group, and CNCO is a Latin American boyband. You don’t always see these types of collaborations, so seeing these groups come together is amazing.

3. The original song got one billion views.

The original song by CNCO became a huge success, reaching one billion views in just one year. With that much success, this remix was bound to become a hit.

Little Mix’s remix to “Reggaeton Lento” has become a huge hit in just one week. All this success comes from two groups who had an idea to remix a song with a lot of potential and to create something very different.

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